Performing at Rock The Lobster at Sheringham YHA isn’t all about rock and it isn’t all about live music either. We like to cater for all performing artists. Whilst we have a lot of regular musicians who turn up we have a had a poet and a magician here too. If you’re the next Frankie Howerd, Russell Howard,¬†Joan Rivers or River Phoenix please feel welcome to come along and tell us a story, recite a poem, juggle, dance or perform in any way that won’t get you arrested or us closed down!

Just come along and put your name on the board for a 15 minute slot (or two depending on how many performers are present or how keen you are ). You will need your own equipment i.e. hat, rabbits, musical instruments, cables and back line amps BUT we have a good PA, Shure SM58 mics and drum kit.


Come along and entertain us and be entertained and gain the experience of performing on a stage!

Its free!

(*) Check the when page to confirm dates/times


Round the Clock and guest Ron Sayer – Johnny Be Good

Round the Clock – Johnny be Good – Performed at Rock the Lobster 7th May 2015

Posted by Rock the Lobster on Tuesday, 12 May 2015


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